Thursday, August 11, 2011

There is Such Thing as a Bad Tattoo!

Can some one please explain this to me... these r someof the most retarted tattoos ive seen by far.
First of all its unnecessarily long, like who's gunna sit there and read your ass for the next two hours?! I think I'm better off just reading the twilight series n calling it a day. Can u imagine after she sleeps with someone they motionlessly sit next to her n says "The book was better..." LOL

No one should have this tattoo unless your a butcher with Alzheimer, now do we really need to remember every slab of meat that goes in our mouths(that's what she said), as homo sapiens we... EATT MEATTT!!(caveman voice)

This one just speaks for itself.... (shivers in disgust)Gamble much?... not with my life!

Can u blame her husband for wanting to try something new... atleast its hairless...

ok WTF, i wana smack who ever approved of doing this, as well as the kitty butt tattoo. This guys must never get laid...seriously girls don't need to b reminded it may "slip" in the wrong place any given second(unless u like it, that on you) but even then, with monkeys?!

SMH Please remember when u sign it in INK
Your in the contract for life. so proceed with caution.


  1. the last two are really stupid + following

  2. I can't wait to see these people in senior homes full of hate and disgust for themselves.