Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Greetings Wrapped inna Bow :)

So first things first... This blog isn't just about tattoos but about some bad ass art. Ill be putting up art of my own sooner then u think.
Now to talk bout myself. >_< I'm a college student majoring in Digital Media Arts (DMA) in New York. As much as i complain about NY being so trashy, i gotta admit i love it here. I'm a true believer of Art, and to me "Art is Everything and Everything is art." I must have started drawing when i was nothing but an egg in my mama's tummy, as i can recall i sketched in "baby was here" on the wall of her placenta b4 i popped out. I grew up around alot of guys (8 brothers, 5 sisters) my mom was addicted to adopting. But my only blood brother was much into drawing himself, i always found myself stealing his graphite pencils and calligraphy pens just scribbling on the page. then of course he;d kick my ass (now i understand, YOU EVER SEE HOW MUCH THOSE THINGS COST!!) but anyway on to what u will be seeing here. Though my career goal is to be a graphic designer my true goal is to become a successful Tattoo Artist (why not do both?)So as i said b4 u will b seeing my Work as well as others... Here's a couple tattoos I've been dribbling over this past week...

Hoping to make this my first Tattoo... and yes my Body is Tattoo n piercing FREE

I'm MASSIVELY OBSESSED with Zombie tattoos...

And lastly the ink i plan to get when i have my kids (hopefully not 3 but it'd b nice)

In Conclusion to my so-called "Introduction" i bid you farewell :)
Sign it in INK

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