Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Your ♥ On Ur Sleeve

A tattoo sleeve is not something anyone can pull off. yeah sure lots of ppl do it but as i said b4 THERE IS SUCH THING AS A BAD TATTOO. One thing i adore about the Inked community is the gurls and theyre sleeves. Theres nothing hotter then a chick who can handle the sting of a full sleeve tattoo. Me, myself wouldnt do it but i do know gurls who have, as well as guys.here are some ive been seeing around the net.

I LOVE THIS ONE!!! this is a hello kitty sleeve. If anyone knows me they know im obsessed with hello kitty, and Zombies of course (That's y i went nuts when Hello Kitty came out with a zombie line :-P) but of course its the perfect mix of rebellion and cuteness!

This obviously isn't a full sleeve n neither is the last one... but shut up its MY BLOG! anyway this is pretty unique to me anyway, ii haven't seen a corpse bride tattoo at all and the design is so damn detailed it definitely caught my eye.

The Ultimate GAMERS' Tattoo i just love how this is so colorful yet so manly lmao!

This one is a lil more Cliche' the Nightmare before xmas sleeve, though it has a mix of various charater one caught my eye it was Hello Kitty of course dressed in Jack Skellington suit, i thought it was ironic n cute.

Just To prove gurls can do it better :-D

Signed In Ink

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  1. I LOVE nightmare before Christmas, and these tattoos are gorgeous of them!!